Legal Expertise

Legal Expertise

Corporate Law

  • Founding of companies, subsidiaries and representative offices
  • Obtaining incorporation and operational permits
  • Implementing changes in the share capital and other corporate changes
  • Drafting the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board and Management Board, corporative management
  • Acquisitions, legal due diligences, drafting transaction and status documents
  • Drafting documentation related to banking and financial transactions, security instruments, security papers, loans and other financial products
  • Implementing mergers, divisions and other status changes
  • Drafting entrepreneurial contracts
  • Representing in the liquidation, pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings

Commercial Contract Law

  • Participating in negotiations with clients’ business partners
  • Legal advising related to entry of contracts and other legal transactions
  • contract drafting and revision
  • preparing legal opinions and strategies in potential disputes

Labour Law

  • Rendering daily assistance to the companies and workers by advising them in all matters of labour law
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Drafting decisions on rights and obligations of workers, rules of procedure, rulebook of internal organization and job classification and other employer’s general acts
  • Legal advising related to work safety
  • Legal advising related to employment of foreigners
  • Implementing disciplinary proceedings and termination of employment contracts
  • Restructuring and collective redundancies  (redundancy program)

Intellectual Property

  • Legal advising in the field of copyright and related rights
  • Representing in the proceedings of registration, maintenance and extending of trademarks and industrial designs in Croatia and abroad
  • Searching in the  Croatian and international industrial property database
  • Legal advising on possibilities of registration
  • Drafting of contracts from the field of intellectual property

Real Estates and Project Development

  • Drafting of agreements on transfer of title (purchase, donation etc.)
  • Drafting of lease and rental agreements
  • Drafting of construction contracts, partnership contracts and business cooperation agreements
  • Representing in the proceedings for entry of title and other rights in the land register
  • Representing in the proceedings for entry in the cadastral register
  • Representing in the expropriation proceedings
  • Development and financing of projects

Non-profit Organisations

  • Founding
  • Drafting of and amendments to the founding and general acts
  • Representing in the registration proceedings for entry of changes in the company register
  • Preparing assembly meetings and drafting decisions

Legal Executions

  • Legal advising in providing of the security and collection of claims
  • Inspecting debtor’s solvency
  • Drafting security of payment instruments
  • Starting and implementation of compulsory payment proceedings

Dispute Settlement

  • Representation before courts
  • Representing before administrative authorities
  • Representing before other competent authorities
  • Representing in the reconciliation proceedings
  • Representing in the arbitration proceedings

Public Procurement

  • Drafting of tender documentation
  • Advising in the public procurement proceedings
  • Representation in the public procurement proceedings
  • Representation in remedial actions

Tort Law

  • Indemnities
  • Consumer protection
  • Damages ensuing from or relating to the labour relation
  • Professional injuries
  • Construction damages
  • Traffic damages
  • Damages arising from the professional activity
  • Damages arising from products and services

Inheritance Law

  • Planning and property division in the case of death
  • Advising and preparation of wills, legacies and other legal instruments
  • Legacy Gifts
  • Lifelong Support Agreements
  • Establishing of a lifetime servitude
  • Advising and representation in the inheritance proceedings
  • Extrajudicial and judicial settlement of disputes among heirs
  • Third person legacy claims

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