About us & Contact

About us & Contact

Borna Okroša was born in 1979 in Zagreb where he attended gymnasium.
He graduated from the Law School in Zagreb and from the Faculty of Political Sciences – Study of international politics and diplomacy.
He completed his internship in the Law Firm Pećarević and Relić, where he registered as an attorney at law with the Croatian Bar Chamber in 2010.
As attorney at law and partner, he was employed with the Law Firm Tušak Miletić and partners until 2014 when he opened his own legal practice.

The attorney at law, Borna Okroša, is fluent in Croatian, German and English language.
He is one of the authors of the Heidelberg comment on the trademark law: Markenrecht: Band 1: MarkenG, GMV und Markenrecht ausgewählter ausländischer Staaten (Heidelberger Kommentar) 3. Auflage, C.F. Mueller, 2014, with an article published on the trademark law in the Republic of Croatia.

Borna Okroša, Attorney at Law

Address: Milana Amruša 15, 10000 Zagreb,
T/F: +3851 646 3390
M: +385 98 282 866
Email: bokrosa@odvjetnikokrosa.eu

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